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MANVILLE: Four women to soar in another adventure experience
They bond over experiences in choir, outdoors
From left, Lorelei Fenton of Belle Mead, Lorraine Zdeb of Manville, Dana Connelly of Hillsborough and Lili Maza of Washington Crossing, Pa., at the top of Blue Rocks Mountain in 2012. Their next adventure: going up in a hot air balloon. (Photo courtesy of Lorraine Zdeb)
By Kelly Velocci, Packet Media Group
Published on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 7:05 PM EDT

Lorraine Zdeb is showing people what they can accomplish through the support of friendship. Ms. Zdeb, and four friends will take off at 6 p.m. Saturday in a hot-air balloon at the 31st annual QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning in Readington Township.

The balloon will be equipped with a camera to capture the women’s reactions for Ms. Zdeb’s documentary film, “Beyond The Rainbow.”

Ms. Zdeb, a Manville resident, said she hopes the documentary is inspiring and shows people, “You don’t have to do it alone.”

Ms. Zdeb, along with the Dana Connelly of Hillsborough, Lorelei Fenton of Belle Mead and Lili Maza of Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, are members of the Princeton Unitarian Universal Choir.

Ms. Zdeb said, “The documentary will focus on the bond that comes from raising voices together in song and the beneficial effects, both mentally and emotionally, being in a choir has for so many people.”

The lyrics in Judy Garland’s song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” inspired her title to the film, she said. Ms. Zdeb said she wants people to “realize they can achieve things they didn’t think they could.”It will be Ms. Connelly, Ms. Maza and Ms. Fenton’s first time in a hot air balloon. Ms. Zdeb said she “likes to get people out of their box and see how they react.”

Ms. Connelly said she didn’t think “being in a hot-air balloon is on my bucket list, but the idea grew on me.”

Ms. Maza, who admits to being afraid of heights, said she was “a little nervous,” but “anything that involves growth and stretching yourself resonates with me.”Ms. Fenton said her first thought when Ms. Zdeb mentioned the idea was “are we really going up?” Ms. Fenton said she, too, isn’t “crazy about heights.”

The balloon ride will be the latest adventure for the women, who climbed to the top of Blue Rocks Mountain in Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania. Ms. Fenton said Ms. Zbeb’s encouragement helped her make it to the top.

Ms. Zdeb said the documentary will include shots of the women getting ready at her home before the balloon ride, the balloon going up into the air and the women in the balloon’s basket.

Princeton Unitarian Universal choir director Marjorie Herman will also be featured in the documentary. Ms. Zdeb said Ms. Herman helps to unite the choir and make the experience fun.

The Festival of Ballooning takes place July 26 to 28 at the Solberg Airport in Readington.

”It’s actually happening,” Ms. Zdeb said.

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